Yes-No Chinese Expressions

Mandarin Phrases Tutorials, Section 2: Acknowledgement


The yes-no Chinese expression is not as straightforward as English.

In English, we can use 'yes' or 'no' freely to express affirmative or non-affirmative ideas. In Chinese, the words for 'yes' and 'no' vary from situation to situation. There are specific words for, for example, 'can' and 'cannot', 'it is' and 'it is not' and 'agree' and 'disagree'.

To say "Yes, it is", you say shi. To say "Yes, I can", rather than saying shi, you say keyi.To answer whether you agree to do something, you may use phrases like xing or buxing instead. 

The series of tutorials in this section helps you to understand how these expressions are used under different circumstances.

Let's begin with the very basic yes Chinese expression: 'Yes, it is' in this lesson.


Video Tutorial: Yes-No Chinese Expressions (Yes, it is!)


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