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How to say thank you in Chinese?

Saying ‘thank you’ in Chinese should be at the top of your Mandarin phrase list.  It is a very important phrase. Just like anyone else, Chinese people like to be acknowledged for what they do for you.  Saying 'thank you' builds and enhances your relationships with them. 


Thank You Mandarin Way

The way to say thank you in Chinese is xiexie 谢谢; or xiexie ni 谢谢你, where ni means you.

If you want to say 'thank you very much', then you will need to add the word for 'very' at the front, it becomes 'hen xiexie ni 很谢谢你'.  'Hen很' in Chinese means ‘very’.


You are welcome

The equivalent in Chinese for saying 'you are welcome' is bukeqi 不客气.

The phrase is made up of two components.  The first is bu 不, which means no, or not. The second is keqi 客气, which means standing on ceremony. Ke is guest, and qi is the atmosphere.  keqi therefore means behavior of a guest.

So when you're saying bukeqi, you actually ask the other party not to stand on ceremony.  This is the Chinese way of saying ‘you are welcome’.

Tutorial: Say 'Thank You' in Chinese


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