Mandarin Numbers 11 to 100

Mandarin Phrases, Section 3: Chinese Numerals


In this lesson, we continue to learn Chinese numerals. This time round, we will learn how Chinese counting from 11 to 100.

To counting from 11 to 100, you will need to have the basics for counting from 1 to 10. If you are yet to be able to do it, go back to the last lesson before you proceed further.

The Chinese numerals are organized based on the rudiments of ones, tens, hundreds and so on. Since 11 is ten plus 1, in Chinese, it is known as shí plus , i.e. shíyī.

Going by the same principle, 20 is made up of 2 tens, so it is èrshí.

To say 100, you will need to learn a new word bǎi, which means hundred. So, 100 is yībǎi.

Learn more about them in the video tutorial:

Video Tutorial: Counting in Chinese from 11 to 100


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