Wishing Happy Birthday Chinese Way

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Before we learn to wish happy birthday Chinese way, let's learn how to say the word ‘happy’. 

‘Happy’ is made up of two syllables: kuài lè 快乐. It is a good word to learn. It is positive and delightful. It is also an important greeting word in the language. In addition to happy birthday, we use it on other occasions like ‘happy new year’ and so on.

When you're happy, you can say 'wó hěn kuàilè! 我很快乐", which means 'I am very happy'.

Then, learn the word ‘birthday’.  Birthday is shēngrì 生日. Shēng 生means birth or life, and rì 日means day. So, to say 'happy birthday' in Chinese is ''shēngrì kuài lè 生日快乐'.

What about 'wishing you'?

It uses the word:  zhù 祝, which mean ‘wish’ or ‘congratulate’.  Remember how to say ‘you’? ‘you’ is nǐ. so 'Wishing you a happy birthday' is 'zhù nǐshēngrì kuài lè 祝你生日快乐'.


Video Tutorial: Happy Birthday Mandarin Phrases


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