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Gongxi - Congratulations!

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You can use the phrase gongxi on almost all occasions when you want to say ‘congratulations’ in Chinese.  Isn't that wonderful?


Chinese new year 

When you see someone during the Chinese New Year festival, the easiest way to greet is to say ‘gongxi, gongxi’.  Of course, you may add the word facai (发财) -- which means prosperity or making good money -- at the back, making the phrase becoming gongxi facai.  With the change, however, the key word is still gong xi.


Wedding parties

You can use the phrase 'gongxi' to greet newlyweds and their families. When you see the bride and groom or family of either side, the easiest way to greet is to say ‘gongxi, gonxi’.

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Child birth

Use the phrase 'gong xi' to greet people on child birth.  When your friend has a new baby, the best way to greet her is to say ‘gong xi, gong xi’.  In fact, Chinese like to congratulate others even during pregnancy.  So when you see that your friend is pregnant, you may say ‘gongxi, gonxi’.



If your friend has just gotten a promotion, and you want to congratulate him, use the same greeting:  'gongxi, gongxi'.


Any happy occasion ...

Just any happy occasion ... If your friend has struck a lottery, and won a million dollars, you can use the same words to congratulate him, 'Gongxi, gongxi!'

See how useful this phrase is!  Make sure that you master it. 

Gongxi - Congratulations Chinese Video Tutorial


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