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Video Tutorial: Chinese symbol for love

To express your feeling for your loved ones in Chinese, learn how the Chinese symbol for love is written and pronounced.

It is a lovely Chinese character. In this tutorial, you will see how the word is written in both the simplified and the traditional Chinese, and how it is pronounced.

What if you want to use it in your daily conversation?

Watch the tutorial on Say 'I love You' in Chinese! You will learn how the word is used in phrases, like 'I love you'.

You can use the Chinese symbol of love to express your feeling in various contexts. In addition to romantic love, you can use it to show you affection for your family members and friends.

Do take note, however, Chinese is usually rather reserved as far as the expression for love is concerned. So if you are unfamiliar with the culture, use the symbol for only the people whom you are close to or romantically involved in, such as you spouses, children, parents, children and siblings.

Chinese symbols: Love

Chinese is written in two manners: simplified and traditional. The simplified version is used in China, and countries like Singapore. The traditional version is used in places like Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The choice of version, therefore, depends on your recipient. In general, the simplified version is more widely used.

Simplified Version

This is how the symbol is written in the simplified version:

While there are two written versions, there is only one way to pronounce the word in Mandarin: ‘ai’ in the forth tone. 

As you can see, the character is rather complex. It consists of several strokes, and is not easy to write. Watch the video tutorial to find out the stroke sequence for the word. Do not just imitate the shape.

The composition of the character is interesting. You will see that in the lower part of the character, there is a sub-character 友. Pronounced as ‘you’, the character means friendship. This implies that however intimate you are with you loved ones; you should respect him or her as a friend.


Traditional Version 

This is how the symbol is written in the traditional form.

Again, watch how the characters written in the video tutorial, paying attention to the sequence of the strokes.

The sub-characters in the traditional version are different. In the middle part of the character, you see the sub-character 心, which is pronounced as ‘xin’and means heart. This implies that if you love someone, the feeling comes right from your heart!

Simplified or traditional, the character is not easy to write. If you can write it, however, it will be a good way to show your sincerity, and the recipient will come to appreciate it.

So, why don't you make it a try, and write the symbol yourself when called for? 

Video Tutorial: Chinese Symbols Love

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