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Mandarin Phrases: Love - Mandarin (Spoken)


In this lesson, we learn how to say affectionate phrases like ‘I love you’ in Chinese.

If you are interested in learning how to write the character, go to the tutorial on Chinese Symbol for Love.

Take note of cultural propriety when you use the phrase. While it is used quite freely in the West, it is used discreetly among Chinese, who tend to be more reserved in expressing their feelings, especially in public.

Although the younger-generation Chinese are more open, to play it safe, keep such affectionate phrases to the more private or intimate occasions.

woaini - I Love You

The phrase 'I love you' in Chinese consists of three characters: 我爱你 (wo ai ni).  The first is the Chinese word for I -- wo 我. The second is the key word ‘love’-- ai 爱.  The third is ‘you’ in Chinese -- ni 你.

To say ‘I love you’ Mandarin way, put the three characters together: wo ai ni 我爱你. 

You can use the phrase to express not only romantic love, but also love in general. Chinese are usually rather reserved as far as expressions for love are concerned. If you are unfamiliar with the culture, use the phrase for only the people that you are close to or romantically involved in, such as your spouse, children and parents.


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