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If you can liken strategic planning for your business as planning for a war, then Sun Tzu The Art of War is there to offer you a useful framework.

Waging a war is expensive. So are many management decisions. Launching a new product in the market, for example, can sometimes make or break a company. It is very similar to waging a war.

You launch a product with an aim  to dislodge your competitors’ position in the market for your advantage. It incurs costs, from development, market test, production to advertisements and promotions. However well prepared you are, where you are in the market, there could be response from customers and competitors that catch you unprepared.  The management of a product launch is, therefore, not unlike managing a war.

Like doing strategic planning in other areas of business, it is important that you consider your chances of success from all crucial angles, so that you can be better prepared to win the war.

In the framework of Sun Tze’s strategic planning, the five critical elements that he’ll have to take into consideration are:

  • The Tao:  Whatever you do must follow the laws of the universe, which is known as the Tao. Even when you are waging a war, you must not neglect the moral values.  In this respect, it is very important that whatever you do is meant to benefit the customers. Only then that your army will be with you, thick or thin.
  • Climate: Simply put, the timing must be right.
  • Terrain:  You must know the terrain.  In this case, the marketplace.
  • Leadership: You need good leadership to see things through.
  • Discipline: You need a system of control to ensure that every member of your team does what is required of him.

The Art of War quotes:  Chapter 1

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