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Most Chinese people, especially the younger generation, speak English. Chances are that they are more eager to speak to you in English and Mandarin.  Knowing some Chinese phrases, nevertheless, will still be a plus if you intend to build a good relationship.  The Chinese language is considered to be among the most difficult to learn in the world.  if you can put in the effort to learn it, your Chinese friends would come to appreciate it.  If your intention is just to speak the basic sentences, it is not difficult as well.

Is there an easy way to learn Mandarin?

This is a difficult question to answer.  Chinese has been regarded by many as among the most difficult languages to learn in the world, and to master it is a challenge, even to some native Chinese who did not get to learn the language young enough.

Put it simply, it is unlikely that you can learn the language overnight.

It requires determination and hard work.

If you can have  a conducive environment to immerse yourself in, all the better!

You need a good program, and ample opportunities to listen, speak and write.

There are, nevertheless, relatively effective ways to learn the language.

This is, in fact, what we intend to explore here.



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Using basic Mandarin phrases can create marvel!

It will help you to make new friends, and improve relationship with the existing ones — people who like to be spoken to in the language.

While acquiring competency in the Chinese language will take quite a bit of effort, learning a few phrases here and there request only a few minutes.

This is exactly what we intend to do here — Identify the phrases that you are likely to use during your social interactions, and help you get going.

Of course, these tutorials are no replacement to the systematic approach to learning the language. There are a number of good learn-Chinese programs available on the web. Click here for a review.


Pronounce Chinese


Mandarin Phrases

Section 1


1: Hao — Learn this word first!

2: Ni hao — How are you?

3: Zao an, wan an — Good morning, etc.

4: Zai jian – Goodbye

5. Happy birthday

6. Gongxi – Congratulations

7. Auspicious Wedding Wishes


Section 2


1: Thank you

2: ‘yes’ … ‘no’

3: I can

4. I want

5. Chinese symbol for love

6. I love you!

7. No Problem – Mei Wenti


Section 3


1: Count from 1 to 10

2: Count from 11 to 100


Section 4


1. Tell the time in Chinese