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hanyu pinyin

If you want to pronounce Chinese in the proper manner, learn Pinyin.

Pinyin is a Chinese phonetic system.  To put it simply, it is a system that transcribes the Mandarin sounds.  Having learnt it, you would be aware of the initials and finals of Mandarin, enabling you to grasp the pronunciation of every Chinese word you learn.

It is, therefore, an essential tool for learners of Mandarin who want to enunciate the language clearly.

Pinyin is Known in full as Hanyu pinyin.  It is a Romanization system. Although not the only system around, it is one that is the most widely recognized.

The system was endorsed by the Chinese government and began to be taught in schools in 1958.  Since been, it has been used by many organizations all over the world, including ISO.

It is hard to learn pinyin without listening to sounds. For that reason, I’ve compile for you a video tutorial.

It is meant to give you some preliminary understanding of the system.

The tutorial shows you how each sound is enunciated, and is a good way for you to start learn Mandarin.

Go to the pinyin tutorial now.


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