Playing zither to the Cow

Before you talk to anyone, know who you are talking to. It is not how hard you try in talking, but how effective your message is received that matters. There is no point to even start talking, if you are not talking the language that your target audience can understand. In this sense, there is […]

Immersing in Mandarin

While I like to do things online, as far as learning Chinese is concerned, the most effective way of learning the language is still immersion. To immerse yourself in Mandarin, put yourself in an environment where Chinese is the primary tool for communication. In this way, you get to hear how the language is spoken, […]

Translate Chinese and Read It Too

Need translation for Chinese. Well, you can translate it DIY. How wonderful!  You can also hear how the Chinese characters that you have translated are pronounced as well. The secret?  The Google Translate. This is how you can do it – and see the results in seconds. Go to Choose the language of you want. […]

What is Chinese Alphabet?

Is there something called Chinese alphabet? To the Chinese speakers, the description sounds odd.  The Chinese language does not use alphabet for writing, it relies on the characters that are pictograms. In fact, Chinese alphabet is a convenient way of describing Hanyu Pinyin. Hanyu pinyin, often known as Pinyin, is a notation system for the […]

Learn Mandarin or Cantonese?

Among the Chinese dialects, Cantonese is the one that is very widely spoken outside China. It is the major tongue in Hong Kong, and a major means of communication among Chinese in many China towns in the West. If you are thinking about learning Chinese, should you learn Cantonese or Mandarin? My suggestion is you […]