Ni Hao!

Say Hello in Mandarin

Mandarin Phrases: How to Say Hello Chinese

"Ni Hao!" is the most common way to say 'hello' in Mandarin.

In addition to 'ni hao', there are other ways to say 'hello' Chinese way. They include:

  1. Hao. This is the single word in Chinese that means good. It is among the most basic forms of greeting in Chinese
  2. Hao ma?' - greet 'hao' in question form
  3. 'Ni hao' - the Chinese hello, which literally means 'you are good'
  4. 'Ni hao ma?" - another way to say hello, which means 'are you feeling good?', or 'how are you?'

Pay attention to the Chinese characters as shown in the tutorial. Even when your intention is not to learn the characters now, by taking note of how they look like will help you learn the characters faster later.

Start saying ni hao mandarin way when you greet in Chinese:

Video Tutorial:

How to Say hello in Chinese


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