Humility & Modesty

Building guan xi


modesty and chinese culture

Humility and modesty are virtues extolled by Confucianism and are deep rooted in the Chinese culture. You will have to appreciate them when building guan xi in China. 

They explain why Chinese tend to play themselves down. 

Do not be surprised when you genuinely praise someone, but the reaction is a denial.  It does not mean that the person does not appreciate what you say.  It is simply that it is in the culture to stay humble.   

For the same reason, do not be surprised when you are treated to the finest cuisine in town, and yet the host keeps apologizing that the food is crude and rough.

Since humidity and modesty are regarded as virtues, if you're from a culture that happens to behave in a different way, it'll be good if you can tone down to avoid misunderstanding, or the guanxi you build may be in jeopardy.


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