Guan xi, mianzi & more

Chinese Mindset explained


chinese mindset

Guan xi, mianzi, rank and title ... They are in the Chinese mindset, and each play an important role in the culture.

Whether you are new to the culture or already familiar with it, having knowledge about them is useful. It enables you to appreciate the Chinese etiquette beyond forms and practices, and helps you to find common ground with the people you meet, making communication more effective.

You may also apply the practices in life to your advantage.

Simply put, guanxi refers to social connection, and mian zi means face keeping. Rank and titles are by-products of the two factors.

They are so much part of the culture and code of conduct that people expect you appreciate their importance.

It is important to note that guan xi in this context is very different from the social networking that the Western world is familiar with. The implication of mianzi is subtler than the ideas of losing or saving face.

Of course, as China is getting more and more internationalized, things are changing! The younger generations in particular are being assimilated by the international business culture. The mindset, nevertheless, is deep-rooted and will remain prevalent at least for quite some time to come.

Other features of the culture that deserve your attention include aspects of Chinese business mindset such as modesty and rank and titles.



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