Learning Tips for Mandarin Chinese

There is no need for me to repeat the difficulty of learning Mandarin Chinese.

Well, it is a difficult language, and what makes the effectiveness of learning different is the approach and, of course, perseverance.

Jerry Dai, an experienced teacher teaching foreigners to speak Mandarin, shares in the video below some interesting techniques for the teaching of Mandarin. It is a good reference to you as well if you are a student at the moment trying to find out how to learn Mandarin.

The key approach that he uses is reputation. Not only the repetition of a word, but a sentence structure such as a question.

The Chinese language is very different from English, in terms of pronunciation, grammar and writing. You have to be able to grasp the difference, or you would always be in the shadow of the English language when you are speaking Mandarin. It is, therefore, very important that you detach yourself from the habits that you have formed over the years when speaking English, so that you would not speak Mandarin as if you are speaking English — a common pitfall for many learners of Mandarin.

And you have to do this early enough! Preferably in the first lesson!

Repeat a simple sentence many times, until speaking it in the Chinese way is entrenched.

Let’s see what Jerry has to say.

Thanks simplyla for the picture.

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