Learn the Mandarin Tones

Do you know that Chinese is a tonal language?

It means when you are speaking the language, not only do you have to pronounce the words right, but also say them with the right tones.

What happen if you don’t get the tones right?

Well, under most circumstances, you’ll be misunderstood.

This is because you may change the meaning of a word that you intend to say all together.

For example, the sound ‘ma1’ can mean mother when it is pronounced in the first tone.  If you pronounce the very same sound in the third tone, it will become  ‘ma3’ — which means a horse.  You see how different can a change of tone  make.  Mather is unlikely to be a horse, right?

Before you get started in your Mandarin lessons, get the tones of the language right.

Listen to this simple audio tutorial, and you will be able to do it immediately.


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