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But What is the Most Effective Way?


What is the most effective way of learning Chinese?  

Language classes, learning Chinese online courses, language software or audio tapes and books?



By far, the most effective way of learning a language is immersion.  In the sense that you put yourself in an environment where the language you intend to learn is the primary tool for communication.        

In that way, you get to hear how the language is spoken in a spontaneous way, and enjoy ample opportunities for practice.  When you are forced into a situation where you would have no choice but to speak the language, the learning process becomes proactive and powerful.

Unfortunately, not everybody can afford the luxury of immersion.   We all know that if you intend to learn Chinese, the best thing to do is to  live in a city like Beijing for a sustained period of time.  You will acquire fluency of the language, so long as you put in reasonable efforts.    

The question is: how many people can do for the time and money?


Language Classes

If immersion is not for you, then the next best is to take up a language course.

There are a variety of Chinese language courses around.  You can go to a language school, engage a tutor, or learn from audio tapes or books, complementing the effort by watching television programs and listening to the radio.

The advantage of attending a class is that you can interact with your teacher -- and perhaps also fellow students -- live, making the learning process more enriching.


Learning Chinese Online

The good news is: with the Internet technology, you are now able to attend classes without leaving home.  In fact, we have come to a stage where the online courses are not necessarily less effective than the physical ones.

With the Internet, you are able to enjoy almost everything that used to be available only in a physical environment online.  You are bringing the classroom to wherever you want it to be.  So long as there is a computer, you are able to attend the classes.  You can listen to the teachers, ask questions and do exercises.  You can even engage in discussions with fellow students -- thanks to the technology for forum!

The areas that are lacking due to distance are compensated by convenience and speed.  It can, nevertheless, be a fair trade off.  Now you can learn the language at home, on the bus, along the road.  You can do it while walking, during your workout or lying down.

If you are just starting, and will like to have a stress-free way to learn Chinese online, you may want to try LearnChineseIn5Minutes.net.

The program is being developed, and you may want to sign up as a beta member. I will appreciate you feedback while I'm working on the program.


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