He Who Dare Needs Not Win

Even in the war field, you’ll have to observe the merits of moderation.

You must know the art of yin yang balance.

It is dangerous to be extreme.

While it is important that you are courageous when you are fighting a war, you must not go to the extent of becoming reckless. As Sun Tzu points out in The Art of War, “If you’ve decided you must die, you will be killed.”

It does not mean, on the other hand, that you must not be brave.

When you are afraid to die, you would become cowardly. The result is equally back. According to Sun Tze, “if you’ve decided you must survive, you will be captured.”

Be wary of your disposition well. Watch your temper! If you are quick in your temper, your enemy will know how to handle you. They will try all means to provoke you, and you could fall easily into their traps.

Even being upright and uncorrupted can be a weakness. The enemy could find a way to insult you. Being conscious about your integrity, you may lose your senses due to the insult, and do things leading to your disadvantage.

Do you believe it! Loving your people can be a weakness as well. The enemy can fret you with what they would do against your people, leading to you not being able to strike a balance.

As a leader, you must be cool headed.

Never lose sight of moderation!

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