Hao (good)!

Learn this Useful Chinese Word

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If you have to choose only one Chinese word to learn, learn the word hao.

Learn this word -- which means 'good' -- for three good reasons:

  1. It is a greeting word
  2. It is auspicious
  3. It is the root of several other Chinese words

For other auspicius greetings in Chinese, go to tutorials like congratulations, wedding wishes, happy birthday.


Greeting Chinese 'hao'!

Learn the word, and you can immediately use it to greet people you meet.

The notion of 'good' is a greeting word in many languages, including English. It is in standard greetings like 'Good morning', 'good afternoon' and 'good night'. It is also used in phrases like 'good to hear from you' and 'good to see you'.

Chinese uses the notion to greet, too.

So, when you see someone, simply say 'hao', which means good!

It is so handy! It can be used independently, without having to add any other character if you choose not to. What's more! it turns faces of many into a warm smile before you. Isn't that nice?

Of course, others may use the word to greet you as well.

How do you reply? Simple! When that happens, reply by saying the very same word, 'hao'.

Want to venture beyond the single syllable?

Well, add another syllable 'ma' at the back to form the phrase, 'hao ma?"

This turns the greeting into a question, which means literally 'do you feel good?" or 'how are you?"


A Chinese auspicious word

Another reason that you should learn the word is that it is auspicious.

We always like something good. Good business, good performance, good education, good comments!

Chinese like to hear things auspicious, especially on important occasions -- like wedding, child birth or ceremonies. On such occasions, you will hear the word 'hao' being said repeatedly. If you know the word, you can definitely add much to the joy!

If you write the Chinese character, you would realize that 'hao' is made up of two components, each a character. The character on the left is 'daughter', and the one on the right is 'son'. So the word has an implication of having children, which is essential to family bliss.

Even the look of the character itself is auspicious!


It is a root word

Third, hao is the root of several Chinese words.

While hao can be used on its own, it can also be used in combination with many other characters to form words. Learning the character 'hao', as a result, make learning many other words easier.

These are some examples: hehao mean friendly, haoshi means good things, haoren means a good person and haochu means benefits.


Go round China with this sigle word ...

In any case, even if this is the only word that you know, it is a good tool to take you round China making new friends.

When you see someone, greet them with the word 'hao'.

If you are in a restaurant and asked whether the food is good; if you like the food, simply say, 'hao'!

If you're invited to go to a party and you'll like to go, simply say, 'hao'!

If you are in a concert, and you like the music, simply say, 'hao'!


beijing opera

If you are in a Beijing opera, you would hear opera fans shouting during the performance 'hao' when they are excited about what's happening on stage.

It is equivalent to 'bravo'. Join them if you feel the same!

So you see how exciting this word can be.

This is why I've suggested that if you have to choose only one word to learn in Chinese, learn the word 'hao'.

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