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good bye in chinese

Video tutorial: Bye Chinese

The most common way to say bye in Chinese is zaijian 再见, although the expression zaihui 再会 is also frequently heard. 

In comparision to zai jian, the phrase zaihui is more formal. In the media, serious programs like news reports often end their shows saying zaihui.  

In addition to zaijian, there are other ways to say bye in Chinese.

They include bao zhong 保重 and zhen zhong 珍重. Both phrases mean 'take good care of yourself’, and are rather formal.

If you want to say ‘keep in touch’, use the phrase ‘baochi lianluo’ 保持联络, or ‘duo lianluo’ 多联络. The first phrase literally means 'stay in contact'. The second means 'let's contact each other frequently'.

View the video tutorial to find out more.

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Video tutorial: Zaijian - Goodbye Chinese


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