Fail as Leader for Loving your People

the art of war - love your people

One of the major reasons that a leader could fail is loving his people — based on the wisdom of The Art of War.

This may sound weird to you. If you don’t love your people, how do you win their trust?  If you do not have their trust, how then are you going to have them fight for you?

To understand this, we have to apply the yin-yang theory.

According to Sun Tzu Art of War, while it is important that you care for your people, you must know where to strike the balances. Going to the extent of doting on them or being too compassionate can be dangerous. Your enemy can attack your soft spot to harass you, making you losing your senses.

A strength used in excess will become a weaknesses. Beware of the ‘dosage’, or you may get carried away.

Beware of the five dangers for a commander:

It can be dangerous if a command is reckless as he can be killed; cowardly as he can be captured; quick tempered as he can be provoked; sensitive to honor as he can be insulted, and doting on his people as he can be harassed.

The Art of War Quotes, Chapter 8

So a good commander should be wise but not reckless. Sincere but not cowardly. Benevolent but not doting. Honorable but does not over-react to insults.  Strict but not quick tempered.

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