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Chinese food

When you’re talking about Chinese, you’d talk about Chinese food. Quite naturally, when you are making a Chinese friend, you are very likely to be invited to dine together.  Food to Chinese is not only to satisfy your appetite. Meeting people out at meals is one way for the Chinese to socialize. It would be […]

He Who Dare Needs Not Win

Even in the war field, you’ll have to observe the merits of moderation. You must know the art of yin yang balance. It is dangerous to be extreme. While it is important that you are courageous when you are fighting a war, you must not go to the extent of becoming reckless. As Sun Tzu […]

Quality of a Good Leader

I like the ‘checklists’ of the The Art of War In these ‘checklists’, Sun Tzu the author would succinctly summarize his thinking in a few words, very often less than ten,  and gives us a clear and useful guidelines. For example, when he talks about the quality of a good leader – or commander in […]

Strategic Planning & Sun Tzu

If you can liken strategic planning for your business as planning for a war, then Sun Tzu The Art of War is there to offer you a useful framework. Waging a war is expensive. So are many management decisions. Launching a new product in the market, for example, can sometimes make or break a company. […]

Easy Way to Learn Mandarin

Is there an easy way to learn Mandarin? This is a difficult question to answer.  Chinese has been regarded by many as among the most difficult languages to learn in the world, and to master it is a challenge, even to some native Chinese who did not get to learn the language young enough. Put […]