A Mission Your Peaple will Die For

the art of war

In the eyes of The Art of War, a commander can only command his army if he’s following the Tao.

In this context, Tao means The Way — the laws of the universe.  Although the concept is  philosophical, and not easy to explain in a word or two, we may put it simply that the commander must lead his army to fight for a right cause.

This is at the top on his ‘checklist’ for a winning army.

It is easy to see the importance of the moral influence in a war. If the troops are not committed to what they are doing, it is very hard for them to lay down their lives for the battle, and they would be easily defeated by the enemy.

This may be less obvious in management. But if you think more deeply about it, the fighting spirit of the team members is equally important if you want your team to win one battle after another in the fiercely competitive business environment.

If you can have a mission that your people not only would support wholeheartedly, but to die for — your war is half won.  If the mission is so uplifting that every member of the team is so fired up that not only does he want to see the mission accomplished for the sake of completing his jobs, but also to fulfill something he is devoted to, chances of you succeeding in your endeavor will be so much higher.

Thank you Vlasta2 for the picture.

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