July 29, 2015

Whether you are making a new Chinese friend, or building a relationship to enhance your business, knowing the language and culture of the country would definitely help you to be more effective. We will like to help by offering you tips that you can put into use and be rewarded immediately.

Do not see language as language and food as food. They are great tools to help you make more friends and immerse in a culture so profound!

Learn Chinese

Most Chinese people, especially the younger generation, speak English. Chances are that they are more eager to speak to you in English and Mandarin. Knowing some Chinese phrases, nevertheless, will still be a plus if you intend to build a good relationship. The Chinese language is considered to be among the most difficult to learn in the world. if you can put in the effort to learn it, your Chinese friends would come to appreciate it. If your intention is just to speak the basic sentences, it is not difficult as well.

Enjoy Chinese Food

For Chinese, food is more than food for eating. It is a culture, something for you to appreciate and indulge in. It is also a means to build relationships. This explains why China has perhaps the most vibrant F&B industry in the world! Fortunately, to build relationship, you don't have to cook. What you need to do is simply to enjoy the food and the company. Knowing what you are eating will is definitely help, as it shows that you are interested.


Building Friendship

Building friendship with Chinese is no difference from making friendship with other people. Sincerity is the most effective tool to break ice and maintain good rapport. Knowing the cultural characteristics of Chinese, however, can be an added advantage. It helps you to be more sensitive to the likes and dislikes, so that your effort to be a good friend can be appreciated. This is especially important when you are building the relationship for business.


Chinese Culture
Chineses culture is rich and colorful. It is one of the oldest and most complex cultures of the word that covers a fascinating array of arts, literature and philosophies. The benefits of appreciating the Chinese culture goes more than building a relationship. It helps you to enjoy more in every aspect of life. Of course, it helps you to build rapport with Chinese as well. Most Chinese are just proud of their more than 5,000 years of civilisation.

Tour China

China is a gigantic country. It is also the world's most populous nation. Although modernizing at a rapid pace, it offers endless selections of interesting sites that are mesmerizing. Appreciate the legends of the Forbidden City, embrace the greatness of the Great Wall, or admire the wonder of the Terracotta Warriors. Travel and land and make more friends.